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About Us


Variable Pitch Limited (Variable Pitch) is a UK based corporate advisory and finance company that focuses on fast growth, innovative, early stage or spin out companies that are at or just before their first commercial revenues.


We also work with larger businesses seeking funding for (and access to) innovative technologies, products and services.


In addition to having access to technology funds as well as both private and institutional investors, Variable Pitch can deliver a wide range of sector expertise from among senior technology industry executives drawn from our own expert community as well as from other expert networks. The cornerstone of this capability is our unique partnership with Growth Innovators Group (GIG), an expert community specialising in IP-intensive sectors and providing high level marketing, strategic and operational expertise. GIG's principal activity is the aggressive growth of sales via the development of national and global channels to market for innovative technologies.

Variable Pitch focus on:

  • Assisting Companies in Raising their Early Stage Capital
  • Supporting and Advising Innovative Companies
  • Introducing New Sales Channels and Customers
  • Due Diligence and Business/Industry Assessment
  • Strategy and Capital Planning
  • Acquisitions and Exits
  • Support for Exchange Listings
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Support and Advice in Accessing Offshore Investment
  • Sales and Marketing Support.


Together with GIG, our approach is unusual in that we use both a success fee model and access to expert/social networks to create UK and global sales for our clients in parallel with the provision of finance and funding. This not only reduces our clients' capital requirements, but effectively shares risk among a wider group of stakeholders. In this way we aim to deliver highly cost effective accelerated sales growth.


Variable Pitch pro-actively supports our clients from first/early capital raises to exit over successive rounds of finance coupled with business support services and products. Typical finance packages are £250k to £25m over three years in 1-3 finance rounds. Support, monitoring and mentoring of clients is hands on and provides clients with sector specific experience.


All systems, documentation and governance structures implemented are designed from the start to match the expectations and requirements of recognised exchanges, larger institutional investors and international corporations.

Variable Pitch pro-actively supports our clients from first / early capital raises to exit over successive rounds of finance coupled with business support services and products.